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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Karter Debuts at Sean Cody (September 2018)

Karter is a great new man on Sean Cody, and the introduced him as follows: "Brown-haired 23-year-old Karter is a good-looking, muscular Southern boy looking to broaden his horizons while traveling. He’s into fitness and he’s currently training hard to beef up his already toned body. He has an interest in sales and cannot wait to graduate so he can really start living the life he’s always dreamed of. “It’s definitely possible to be a Southern gentleman and a crazy sexual person at the same time!” says Karter. “Sexually, I would say I’m experimental. I like bottoming, but I also like to dominate depending on the guy,” adds Karter. “My first time losing my virginity was in a threeway! I’ll dabble here and there if the other guys are hot enough, but I prefer if I’m going to do group for it to be more than three guys,” says Karter. “For me, the best part about sex is whenever the penis is first inserted. I think that’s super hot! Initial penetration is the key to good porn.”"  There's not much more for me to add, except that I hope Karter's last statement is an indication that we will soon see him doing some on-screen penetration of his own!!!

And now here are the excellent posed photos of lovely Karter!

And finally, here is the Sean Cody trailer for this excellent new performer at their stable!