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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Lucas Leon at Chaos Men (April 2018)

I've already posted Lucas Leon's first appearance on Corbin Fisher (here) where he was known as Kai.  In the clip under review here he makes his solo debut at Chaos Men in his more usual guise as Lucas Leon.  There is a great set of posed pics that goes with this clip, and in the posed pics they have done a good makeup job hiding skin blemishes which are more obvious in the clip itself.  In the Corbin Fisher clip, on the other hand, they have done the makeup job (as many studios do) for the video clip itself.  Personally, I like the men in my clips as blemish-free as possible, but hey, we all have our own preferences!  Here's what they said at Chaos Men about the delectable Lucas (slightly edited): "It seems a lot of studios are no longer having models sign a short-term exclusive contact, and a few models are taking advantage of sampling studios they want to work with. Lucas Leon did a couple studios, seeing which would be a good fit. And I needed a Bottom.  With Rydell's massive cock, I was looking for bottoms who would be up for the challenge of taking on his big dick.  But first, I wanted to get a solo and a photo shoot so I would have his bio gallery, but also check out his skills in front of multiple cameras.  With his experience, he is very polished and knows how to play to the audience.  He also loves having his nipples played with, and they are quite large and easy to capture on video.  Lucas is not only a Bottom, but he clearly knows his bubble-butt is one of his best assets. For the strip-down portion of this video, he repeatedly spun around so we could see his ass. For a guy who likes to Top, it was awesome to see his muscled-ass flexing and jiggling around.  
For his cum shot, I put on the Jet & Vander video, where Jet cums seven times. That video has an amazing ending, but Lucas preferred the very first time Jet cums from being fucked, and watching Vander suck the rest of the cum out of Jet's cock.  It was a very specific moment in that video that I replayed three times for Lucas. It clearly triggered something in his brain to make his cock spit out a wad of cum!"   Lucas was later teamed up with the Rydell they mention in this write-up.  But for the present clip, if you like good-looking men with mostly natural hair on their bodies, you'll just love Lucas Leon.  First up are my screencaps, secondly are the posed pics and finally, the Chaos Men trailer!

Here are the posed pics from Chaos Men!

Finally, here is the trailer from Chaos Men!