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Friday, 15 March 2019

Mario Cazzo at Legend Men and in Freshmen Magazine, April 2007

Around ten years ago Mario Cazzo (a.k.a. Phoenix) was hugely popular as a model in gay men's magazines, and what we see in this review is one of his appearances in a jerk-off clip, now re-edited and published by Legend Men; and also one of his more famous photoshoots which appeared in Freshmen Magazine in April 2007.  This set of pics has also been reissued by Legend Men, and there doesn't seem to be a great deal of overlap between the two sets that I have, both of which are probably incomplete.  But there are some nice red underwear bulges, so I've added a speedo tag to this post.  It's easy to see why the man was so well liked given his film star good looks and gorgeously muscular body ... not to mention his excellently hung equipment between his legs!  There are a few more clips and photoshoots, and I really must get around to putting them up here!  So here we have firstly the screencaps from one of the Legend Men clips; then the Freshmen Magazine pics and cover, followed by the Legend Men pics, and finally a short taster of the Legend Men clip!

Now here are the Freshmen Magazine pics, along with the relevant cover at the end.

Next up is part of the set from Legend Men.

Finally, here is short extract of the clip: