Thursday, 11 January 2018

English Model Karl Schilg

A while back I noticed a post on G+ featuring a picture of Karl Schilg, and naturally I was immediately taken with his exceptional beauty.  I started looking for photographs and information about him to put together a post here on the blog.  Much of what follows is lifted directly from his web site.  Born on 25th March 1992, Karl James Roger Schilg is a British entertainer, appearing in the movies Undercover Hooligan (2016) and Saving Jane (2017). Schilg was born in Kent, England, the youngest of three children to Maxine Erika Schilg a former Market Trader. His mother is of British and German ancestry, while his father served in the Navy but left the family when Karl was eight years old. Karl is also an accomplished freestyle dancer, stunt performer, comedy entertainer, singer and songwriter. He is classically trained and has toured the United Kingdom with Kent Opera as Escamillo in their All-Male CarMen. (If you want to see All-Male CarMen it's still touring, and you can see Karl Schilg playing the part of Ecamillo on 27th January, and for tickets see here.) Schilg has made appearances in the popular television shows The X Factor and The Impractical Jokers, and he is currently a headline performer for The Adonis Cabaret Show in London.  The first series of pics below comes from a clip you can find on You Tube, and an edited version appears at the end of this post.  Then follow some of the more spectacular photographs of this well-endowed man modelling underwear!

Now we have the professional photographs of this gorgeous hunk which can be found all over the Internet!

Here's a vid clip edited from some of his clips on You Tube!